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About Us / 2020-WhatsApp Group Adds New Information in Good Quality: Welcome to the WhatsApp Group link, for all things your number one importan.

WhatsApp Group Link’s website, created by founder Munna Alam on 01/11/20220 / and has come a long way from its launch in India.

About us
This website has been created by founder Munna Alam exclusively for WhatsApp group link. Seeing the increasing demand of WhatsApp group worldwide, this website started designing on 01/11/2020, which was developed after working for 23/03/2021 / long time.
Work is going on continuously in this website. Daily new WhatsApp group link has been added to this website by founder Munna Alam. The peculiarity of this website is that the links of all the groups given in this website are added after undergoing the testing process so that the links of all the groups work well.

About us Munna alam

Founder Munna Alam was born on 02/11/1996 / in Kishan Ganj district of Bihar state, India. At that time there was a lot of poverty in Bihar state of India. And I was from a peasant family. Due to extreme poverty in my home, I could not study. I did not even have land to live. My whole family lived in government land, building mud houses.

Due to this poverty, my elder brother gave up studies and started sewing. First of all, my elder brother used to come to Delhi from the village and work in a sewing factory and send 2/3 thousand rupees a month. And my father used to work in a zamindar’s house in the village for 30 rupees a day.

About us: I still remember the day when my mother used to sell bangles from house to house.
My mother used to carry a large basket of bangles in her head and went to sell bangles from one village to another.Seeing the poverty of his home, my elder brother gave up his studies and started working as a sewing machine. Then, seeing my elder brother, I too gave up studies and started doing sewing work.

About us

It took me almost 4 years to learn the work of sewing, when I learned the work, I left the village and came to Mumbai, came here and started doing sewing work. A lot of money started coming from the work of sewing, now the work of two brothers and father and mother in our house brought prosperity in the house.

When I was 14 years old, I left the village and started working in another state so that the problem of my home would be eradicated. I am still doing sewing work in another state of Delhi, away from the village. And today is 18/01/2021 / date.

About us

Due to my poverty I have no computer or laptop. I made this website from a mobile phone. And I have created this website with the aim of alleviating the poverty of my home. If you guys pray, Insallah one day I can be a successful person.

Today is 18/01/2021. And I created this website by watching YouTube videos on 01/11/2020. I do not know how to read and write English, so I use Google Translate. Google Translate helps me a lot.

If I started earning through this website, I will definitely share the full details of my first earning with you.

,I request all of you to share every article of this website with as many people as possible. Share in Facebook Group, Linkden, Tumblr, Reddit, Whatsapp group. See ADS most on my website. I will always be grateful to you.

My old website please check once weglas.blogspot.com

About us


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